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About us

Engineering and craftsmanship of the highest level


At Plasmitec Solutions we are specialists in the design and manufacture of all types of premium closures.

Under the original idea “If you can imagine it, we make it” our project emerged more than 10 years ago.

Our mission is for our customers to differentiate their products with the best closures. To achieve this, we provide conceptual design, manufacturing in multiple materials, finishes, pad printing and, of course, technical advice.


Each closure is unique and we put all our passion into making it special.


We personalise each closure so that the user has a unique experience.


Personalised development with moments of shared enjoyment in mind.

Wine cellars, cosmetics and agencies


We have experience in moulds, plastic injection, technical ceramics and machining and we make all kinds of closures and special packaging for your bottles. In plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. We make your initial idea a reality from the first sketch to the finished product.


At Plasmitec Solutions we can offer a full product service or incorporate ourselves in any stage of the business and manufacturing process, from the initial idea to production.

We work for multiple sectors and create customised projects for:

      1. distilleries,
      2. wine cellars,
      3. cosmetic brands, and
      4. branding and packaging agencies.

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    Activity start

    Bottling sector for wines, liquors, spirits, etc.


    New facilities

    We moved to expand our facilities.

    Until 2022


    We opened our production to new sectors.